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Welcome to Dragon Discount Mart!

      We are a Black-owned, family-operated grocery store and deli in Little Rock, Arkansas committed to providing our community with quality products at affordable prices. We come from very humble beginnings, kicking off this business venture with our Owner simply selling $200 worth of fidget spinners to the neighborhood kids. Since our start in 2017, we have become a neighborhood staple.

      Dragon Discount Mart is a small grocery store where you can find things ranging from chips to dinner meats, from household products to medications. We also carry fresh deli sandwiches, homemade slices of cake & brownies, and tobacco products.

​      Something that has been very clear to us during our time in business is that communities like this need a store like this. A place where they can feel a true sense of community. A place where the neighborhood kids aren't turned away at the door, but rather encouraged and offered incentives for doing well in school and behaving well in the neighborhood. A place where high employee turnover rates allow ample opportunity for new people to be given a chance at a good paying job close to home. A place where customers are treated like family so essentially everyone is getting the friends and family treatment.

      Dragon Discount Mart is committed to providing our community with quality products at affordable prices. It is our dream to one day be able to do the same in other communities and proudly serve the people there the same way we have here for the last 3 years. 

Welcome to our store!

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